Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Los Angeles or New York? With LANY you get the best of both these eccentric cities in one band. You get the grunge nineties feel of NYC and the california cool vibes of LA. With acronyms as a lot of song titles, such as ILYSB and BRB, they are definitely millennials but with a twist. Not only do they have dreamy songs but they really work hard to create an amazing artistic image for the band. Their website, merchandise, and social media accounts are curated with posts that fit their “dreamy pop with an R&B spirit” aesthetic. “Their music combines the feel of ‘80s radio pop, ‘90s R&B soul, and atmospheric synths.” It makes you want to take a drive along the beach with the windows down and ILYSB blaring through the speakers. I’m very excited for their debut album next year but as for right now I will be hitting the replay button on all of their EPs.
 As for their live performance… these boys know how to put on a show. Their lighting, video clips running during the show, and overall stage presence was insane. (Also want to give a shout out to the opening act, Transviolet, who were an amazing band from Cali as well!) It was an amazing night filled with dancing and shouting lyrics back at the top of our lungs. If LANY is ever in your city definitely go and see this incredible band live!

thanks to LANY for creating amazing music and putting on a great show, i like you lots. x

Some of my favorite tracks:


pink skies

Bad, Bad, Bad

current location

BRB / Kiss

like you lots

Someone Else

All images via LANY’s website and instagram and some of our own pictures

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