Dylan Rieder

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I have bee anxiously waiting for the newest issue of What Youth magazine that was created in honor of Dylan Rieder. The magazine is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Dylan Rieder Foundation. I absolutely love how they shared Dylan's life by asking friends to tell their favorite memories of the skateboarder. Some contributed art,and others poems. What Youth was filled with pictures of him growing up and little glimpses into his life. One of my favorite things about the issue is that they shared a playlist of some of Dylan's favorite songs. 

Illustration by Randy Noborikawa
I will never forget the first time I saw Dylan. I was immediately intrigued by him. His beauty, his style, everything about him was fascinating. That night, I watched every video I could find of him. I wanted to watch him glide on his skateboard, hear him speak about his life and love of music, and to know everything about him. As a fan, you don't really know a person but you expect and hope they are a certain way, and from reading the dedications from Dylan's friends I can see he really was an amazing person.

Here's a few of the songs off of Dylan's Playlist from What Youth Magazine:
1. "True Blue" by Bright Eyes
2. "Romeo Had Juliette" by Lou Reed
3. "Better Days" by Graham Nash
4. "Some Are" by David Bowie
5. "Things'll Never Be The Same" by Spacemen 3


All images via Pinterest or What Youth

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