Makeup Inspiration for the Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Whether you have holiday parties to attend or just want to add some festive twists to your makeup here’s some inspiration for ya! 


Glitter has always been seen on the runway, but it has recently made its way to everyday makeup looks. Thanks to Pat McGrath and her red glitter lip kit, every one wants their face to resemble a disco ball. As for eyes go all out with gold, silver, or any color glitter your heart desires and you’ll be sure to make a statement in the best way possible. 

The Red Lip

A classic for the holiday season but there are so many interpretations of the same look with a red lip. For example, you can go for a more blue base red or a red with a more orange undertone. You can also pair it with a classic winged liner look and a soft golden smokey eye. Whichever look you choose to sport a red lip with will always be perfect for the holiday season! 

The Classic Smokey Eye

This is a classic look for any time of the year but if you go quite minimal on a regular basis spice up your look with a bit of smoke. Smudge to your hearts delight and replicate looks from icons like Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot. Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of smokey eyes so below I placed a video for those of us that need some help with our smoking abilities. 

Go get ‘em tiger x

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