Alexa Chung

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I first spotted Alexa Chung when she had her own show on MTV in 2010. Her quirky and vintage style immediately drew me in along with her interviewing style to the celebrities on her show. She was witty and charismatic and I loved coming home from school to watch her and see what outfit she had on. Fast forward seven years later and I'm still completely obsessed with her. Moving on from TV, she is now a designer, author, and contributing editor at British Vogue (she even has her own YouTube series with them).  Her style is so influential that she's had a Mulberry bag created in her name, designed clothes for Madewell and AG Jeans, released her own book of musings, sat front row at all the major fashion shows, has beauty collaborations with Eyeko and Nails Inc, and helped create an amazing fashion app called Villoid.  She really knows how to design quality products and I can't wait to see what her own label will consist of that is coming out this year!!

Her style is quintessentially sixties with some added quirks like eccentric coats, prints, and shoes.  She likes to describe it as "undone yet feminine". 

To dress like Alexa it's important to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe:

Baby doll mini dresses

Leopard print


Pointed toe flats & loafers

She keeps her hair and makeup relatively simple, going for the French vibe. Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy are her main inspirations. I've also tried the liquid eyeliner from her collection with Eyeko and it's one of my favorites! 

Her book 'It' is a collection of her photography, thoughts, and people and things that inspire her. It's a light read but wonderfully executed. 

Here's more of her street style in case you didn't get enough inspiration from her amazing wardrobe. 

All images via Pinterest.

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