Saturday, January 28, 2017

Today is the release of Nightair's new single "Jamie". The Laguna Beach, Indie-Rock band has really caught my attention with their upbeat sound and their attention-grabbing lyrics. 
Nightair is influenced by good songwriting and admire musicians like: Frank Ocean, The Strokes, Kanye, the Beatles and Hall & Oates. Lyrics are my fave part of a song and they've def got their songwriting skills down packed with lyrics like:
"because how the hell do you exist, beyond the scope of my mind"

Nightair strives to be good and unique songwriters like their main influence Kanye.
 "Anybody can be good with enough time, and anyone can be different with enough creativity. But to be both is rare, and Kanye's work has consistently been both unique and pop-friendly."
I find it funny how they describe Kanye's talent as rare because it sounds like they've mastered the art of being "unique and pop-friendly". I can't describe a certain band that they sound like and that makes them all the more special. Yet I can see them making a mark in the pop world. I can see crowds in cramped venues singing along, teens using Nightair lyrics on social media outlets to describe their young love and college kids wearing their merch around campus. 

The band consists of lifelong friends that gained a following online. It's no surprise that they've quickly gained a fan base with their songs: 
The Roses
Clouds (I'm Alright!)
Waiting for Rain

Nightair not only has easygoing, cool songs but also has a name to match. The band explained, 
"'Nightair' is a reference to the miasma theory that bad air was the root of disease. Essentially, people used to think that bad air was the root of most disease. The colloquial name for miasma was 'night air', and we liked the idea that our music could infect your brain and make you go crazy. Sounds kinda morbid, but it makes sense to us." 

If you're looking for a new band to listen to I highly recommend you check out Nightair.

Thank You to Nightair for the interview! Don't forget to check out Jamie!
All images via Nightair

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