Harry Styles

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

For those of you who know me personally, you are probably surprised this post has not come sooner. So in honor of Harry Styles' birthday, here is post all about my favorite boy-bander.
From the moment I saw him I instantly loved Harry not only because of his amazing hair and talent, but also because of his rockstar style.

Harry is daring and really pushes the limits and makes men's fashion quite exciting.

A lot of things Harry wears would not be considered "cool" or edgy on other men, but with the way he carries himself, he always looks like a rockstar who didn't try too hard to look that good.

He has been a style icon for me since day one (I never thought a guy would be one of my fashion inspos) because of his natural understanding of how to look good.

A lot of Harry's outfits are genderless for example his metallic boots, skin tight jeans and pink shirts.

Harry is fearless in his outfit choices and his attitude towards fashion inspires me everyday. So in honor of the birthday boy, here are some of my fave looks that should inspire both men and women everywhere.

All images via Pinterest and Tumblr

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