Golden Goddess

Thursday, March 30, 2017

For us in Miami, summer is basically here. So it's time to be tanned, bronzed and glowing!
I am going to share my fave summer tips that'll help you be a golden goddess all summer long.

People assume that if you are from Miami, you naturally are always sun kissed, however, that is not the case. I have a secret product that has saved me on many beach days. St. Tropez self-tanner.
It is the best self-tanner I have ever used (believe me I've been through everything). St. Tropez comes in different formulas that are all super comfortable and come out beautifully. Each one comes out an olive-green color so that your tan comes out bronzed and not orange. It is easy to use, cruelty free and gives you the perfect golden, natural tan!

Another great way to get an amazing glow is to use a body illuminator. I use Charlotte Tilbury's Supermodel Body to highlight my chest and add an extra glow to my legs and arms.
Here I am wearing St. Tropez Express Tan and Charlotte Tilbury's Supermodel Body.

You don't have to be tanned to use the product, however, it looks stunning when combined.
There are many other products you can use like Tanya Burr's Body Illuminator.
Lottie Tomlinson uses the IconLondon illuminating drops.

NYX also make one!
One of my fave ways to get the bronzed look is to highlight and contour my collarbones and shoulders.
All you have to do is use a highlighter that has a bronze or orange tint. If you use a pale color your skin can look washed out. When contouring use a color that you would normally contour your face with and brush it in between your bones.

So now you know the three steps to be a golden goddess like the ones below!

Images my own or from Pinterest!

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