Coach is Taking Over

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Growing up, Coach was the designer bag to have amongst my group of friends. Looking around the middle school parties, the iconic Coach "C's" could be found on every girl's bag.
As I got into high school, the brand seemed to fade away and became a mature, "mom-brand" to me. However, the last few years Coach has really changed their image. They have gone from being simple and professional to fun, young and edgy.
Coach has definitely reached the younger fashionistas with their dinosaur emblem, letterman jackets and very young and popular spokespeople (anyone ever heard of Selena Gomez???).

 I have always loved the brand so I was happy to see a comeback.

Last week, in an effort to keep expanding the brand and reaching millennials, Coach bought rival Kate Spade.
Majority of Kate Spade consumers are millennials. The brands colors and more affordable price range make it appealing to younger shoppers.

Coach wants to become a multi-brand company and have already purchased Stuart Weitzman.
Kate Spade is Coach's next brand to be added to the organization for 2.4 billion dollars. The brand has great potential international growth which appealed to Coach  as well as its young consumer base. Kate Spade will continue to create its own designs and remain an independent brand.

Above images of Kate Spade designs.

Selena Gomez in Coach at the Met Gala.

Images via Instagram.

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