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Thursday, June 22, 2017

I just wanted to point out, a couple days after this post was published, it was released that NARS had gone back on its promise to be cruelty-free and now sells to China.
Over the past year I have transitioned into a cruelty-free beauty regime.
I never knew how many companies still practiced cruel and unnecessary tests on animals.
A lot of companies have ditched animal testing in the US, however, allow it in China in order to sell their products there.
(China has a law that makes companies agree that their products might be tested on animals, if they want their products to be sold in the country.)
I had to give up brands that I adored like MAC, YSL Beauty and L'oreal, but is a blush or lipstick really worth an animal's torture?
So if you want to take the leap to "leaping bunny" products only, here's a guide to some of my favorite products.

Here are some amazing lip products that any animal lover can wear without feeling guilty.
At the top is a Hard Candy chubby stick that is a nice balmy-texture and is one of my favorite everyday lip products and it's so cheap!
Going clockwise is the Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss in "Blondie"
Anastasia Beverley Hills matte lipstick in "Pure Hollywood".
Kiko Matte lip pencil. I really love Kiko products. They are great quality and very pigmented.
And the last product on the left is another Anastasia matte lipstick in "Crush".
Wet n Wild is a really cool drugstore brand that has the cruelty-free bunny right in the front!
(Not all brands put the bunny on their products so you can check on a company's FAQ to see if they test. If the company's statement is confusing or vague, you can also check on Peta's website.)
Nars and NYX are two brands that I think everyone loves so why not become a loyal customer and stick to them??
One  of the hardest products for me to give up was the Clinique Acne solutions foundation, but I quickly found replacements.
When it comes to cleansing I stick to Simple and The Body Shop. Simple is in the drugstore and is for sensitive skin and has worked out great for me.
I just discovered this Finnish brand and really have fallen for this night cream. It is very moisturizing and smells soooo good.
Of course, I couldn't leave out Urban Decay. This beauty leader is known for being kind to our furry friends. A lot of their products are vegan too!
One of my favorite brands on this planet is Glossier. I love facial water, but they can be hard to find. When I do come across them in stores, they usually come from a brand that tests, but thank God for Evian!
 This blush is at the top of my list of "must-have" products. It is so pretty! Too Faced is a really great line... but I'm sure all the beauty lovers know that already though.
About 6 months ago, I was really upset because my hair just stopped growing. I figured it was from the damage of bleaching it in the past. I don't iron or curl my hair very often so I didn't know how to help my hair grow... then I discovered this! My hair is so much healthier and is almost to my waist now!
The hardest cruelty-free products to find are the hygiene products. After some research, I bought Tom's Toothpaste. I also switched over to their deodorant too.
The Ouai has the best hair products for those girls who don't like to fuss with their hair everyday. Just a pump of this dry shampoo foam and I instantly have the greatest smelling, cool-girl hair.

There are a lot of amazing cruelty-free brands... it would just take me forever to go through them all. If you want to help stand against animal testing start doing some product research before you buy. I promise it's not too hard!

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