Elie Saab Fall 2017 Couture

Thursday, July 13, 2017

   This 62 look collection is probably one of my favorite collections---ever! Ellie Saab's Fall 2017 Couture collection transports you to the renaissance. The stunning combination of jewel toned flowing gowns and capes and dainty, golden tiaras made every model look like a ruler from the Middle Ages. Some gowns had regal designs made with gold threading adding an extra touch of royalty. Saab's use of delicate and lux materials like velvet and tulle really created beautiful, feminine looks made for a ball... or a red carpet.
Elie Saab scribbled down how he imagined his show to consist of
     “fallen kings, defeated by a fearless and heroic sisterhood . . . bright and brave warrior queens they were, are, and forever will be.”

Images via Vogue Runway and Tumblr

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