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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

After four long years, Haim has finally released their second studio album titled 'Something To Tell You'. I thought it would be hard to top their debut album 'Days Are Gone' but they did it without straying too far from their original sound. This album has a more mature feel with that signature Haim vibe with a Fleetwood Mac influence attached to some songs. The classic Haim sound includes "some sisterly harmonies, a signature retro sheen, and a climactic guitar solo"-MTV. 

The pink ladies were fortunate enough to see them perform live all the way back in 2014 at the Fillmore in Miami Beach. They put on an amazing show as they play their own instruments filled with lots of drum & guitar solos that they really get into and involve the crowd in as well. 

Haim is made up of three sisters from Los Angeles:

Danielle Haim - guitars, drums, and lead vocals
(Sidenote: Last weekend while we were in New York we walked into the store Reformation in Soho and then I froze... Is that... No... Could it be? It was. Danielle Haim walked right passed me as she was leaving with a tote full of Reformation goodies, and I will forever regret not speaking up and saying hi. This post would've been much cooler if I had a picture with her but you win some, you lose some.)

Este Haim - bass, drums, and back up vocals

Alana Haim - guitars, keyboards, drums, and back up vocals

Their first single of this album was 'Want You Back' which is a groovy tune that makes you want to get up and dance while dreaming of getting a lost lover back. 

Followed by 'Little of Your Love' which is a perky pop-rock gem. 

My personal favorite songs off the album:

Something To Tell You
The album's title track starts of slow but builds up to a beautiful pop rock dream.

Right Now
When they released the YouTube video of them recording this in the studio I knew it would be a favorite because of all the different instrumental elements used throughout.

Nothing's Wrong
A mix between pop and rock feels with a sound that's very reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. 

Night So Long
This is the last song on the album and they chose to slow down the pace with this ballad about the end of a relationship.

Haim is also very involved in the fashion industry with brands like Chloe and Gucci always lending them clothes to wear to events and performances. They are even seen front row at shows during fashion week because their personal style is just so good. 

Staple items to dress like a Haim sister:
Vintage Levis
Leather Jacket
Pair of heeled booties
Funky sunnies

Attending a Chloe fashion show - Red Carpet at the Met Gala - Performing at Coachella

Cool girl chic for the red carpet at the Grammy's

Photos via Haim shot by Laura Jane Coulson.

Go Haim or Go Home!

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