Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2018

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Copenhagen fashion week was anything but boring with a sea of brights not only on the runway but also on the streets! The Danes have set the standards for upcoming fashion weeks in New York and Paris with star brands like Ganni & Saks Potts. Below I've  gone into more depth of my favorite shows and the street style trends that caught my eye!


Over the past year I have fallen in love with this brand as 'it girls' like Alexa Chung and Camille Charriere rock their clothing on a regular basis. This show proved that Ganni is taking over the fashion industry not only in Scandinavia but all over the globe! The punchy colors and top models such as Dilone and Frederikke Sofie really amped up the show along with a set design by cool girl Ana Kras. All around this show really inspires me to gravitate towards brighter colors in the upcoming seasons.

Bright front row realness at Ganni: (L to R) Anissa Kermiche - jewelry designer / Camille Charriere - blogger / Veronika Heilbrunner - blogger / Emily Weiss - founder of Glossier


This show was as bright and bubbly as it gets! Less on the more wearable side but it's fun to see a designer think outside the box (especially when that includes pink and glitter). Not only did I enjoy the clothing but the makeup was insane and the entire setup was so dreamy!


Such a fun show but my favorite part was how wearable most of the looks were! We saw a lot of denim, cute pink dresses, and that MAJOR shimmering pink biker jacket. Even the makeup was right on trend with orange eyeshadow spotted on all of the models.


I loved this show and the fact that the models were told to be a little 'over the top' with their strut and demeanor. Not only that but the clothing and accessories brought so much color and energy to the runway. Statement coats are the core of the label and they definitely stayed true to that with all the pink and blue fuzzy coats  that came out one by one. I love that this brand doesn't take itself too seriously and that they had fun with this Spring/Summer collection!


Camille Charriere & Lucy Williams in Ganni

Erin Wasson made a runway appearance during this fashion week!

The biggest accessory for the Danes? A bike.

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