London Shopping: Books & Magazines

Thursday, August 3, 2017

While in London, not only did I score some amazing clothes, but also found some cool magazines and books.
London seemed to have a bookstore on every corner, allowing me to find a really pretty book on my ultimate fashion icon Brigitte Bardot.
It's a beautiful coffee table book, with some of her best looks through the years. In it there's images in her famous pink gingham dress and her oversized hats.

There's so much to love about London, but a kind of silly thing that I was quite fond of, was the widespread selection of magazines in every convenient store.
In Miami, we don't have many places to get unique magazines, but in London they were on every street.
I bought a few magazines that I could get here in the states and a few that are out of reach for Americans.
Let me give you a peek into some pretty cool editorials, joined by some pretty cool faces.



On our tour to Bath, our tour guide pointed out that Jane Austen lived there for five years and that the famous author's house was a museum.
There was a little gift shop that offered all of Austen's books in different covers and designs. I fell in love with the Tiffany Blue cover of "Persuasion". I also picked up a novel called "Lady Susan". It was written when Jane was just a teen and never published during her life. 
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