Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's a funny thing, when it comes to clothes I love to be over-the-top and try bold pieces---but when it comes to jewelry I'd rather go for simple, delicate pieces.

One of my go-to accessories at the moment are bangles.

I love that they're chic and easy to wear. They add just the right amount of "bling" for someone who doesn't really care for big pieces.
They look great stacked, but I really love how a single bangle looks.

I have trouble finding bracelets that aren't too big on my wrist and thanks to Ineffabless I finally found the one for me.
Rose gold, braided...stunning.
Centrepiece Bangle in Rose Gold 

Kate Spade Gold Bangle

If you want to in on this trend I really recommend checking out Ineffabless.
The jewelry looks exactly as it does online---no tricks!
Good quality, everyday pieces for quite a reasonable price.
 Gold, rose gold and silver jewelry are available for mostly ever piece.
Check out some of my fave things on their site!
18K Gold Plated Crescent of Love Necklace

Engravable Bangle Sterling Silver

Heart on Her Finger Rose Gold

Ineffabless Basic Bangle Rose Gold

The Loop Bangle Sterling Silver
And by the way, the jewelry comes in a pretty cool box...

Images via Pinterest, Weworewhat  and Always Judging Instagrams & Ineffabless.

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