Christmas Wishlist

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The holidays are finally here! Like most people, Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. The cooler weather, the classic holiday movies and lots of shopping!
Here are a few things I'm yearning for this year. This could serve as a gift guide for some of the lovely ladies in your life---or maybe something for you!

 1. A Camel Coat
SANTA PLEASE, I know I live  in 90 degree weather for most of the year, but I'd love to have this classic staple in my closet for any adventures I may take to cold temperatures. I think London is calling my name and a Camel coat will look fine as hell on those cobble stone streets.

2. Neon Lights
I kind of have a slight obsession with lights. My room is literally "lit af" with wired lights. Last Christmas, I was gifted a neon crescent moon light and it's so pretty. I wouldn't mind adding more to my collection.

3. A Tea Set
I'm not really a coffee drinker, but I really love a good cup of tea, so why not make that experience even more enjoyable with a beautiful tea set?
Check out some sets that look like they come straight out of a Jane Austen novel from the English Tea Store.

4. Star Studded Lingerie 
Victoria's Secret always has stunning and sexy pieces, but this last month they have brought out some gorgeous pieces. You won't mind if a bit of bra strap is showing and some pieces can even be worn as actual clothes.

5. Make-up Brushes
I feel like you can never have enough brushes, especially when doing  glittery holiday make-up. No one likes to clean their brushes, right?! So if you get a few more you can put off that chore a little longer. A really cool website called Reviews has a guide for the best make-up brushes in different price ranges. They've tested different brands to see who's brushes will last and which ones are simply the best.

6. Anything from Pop&Suki
These girls definitely know what they're doing. Millennial pink, customized EVERYTHING, and bags in every shape and size. One thing I do have my eye on is their make-up bag.

7. A Gold Anklet
Anklets haven't really been "a thing" in quite some time, but I'd like for that to change. They're cute and dainty and can draw attention to some killer shoes too. Some of my ideal ones come from CatBird---an adorable little jewelry store in Brooklyn that has every jewel you'd ever want. They don't really create in-your-face pieces but more like intricate pieces that belonged to a renaissance queen.

All images via Pinterest or stores listed through out post.

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