Thursday, January 11, 2018

At the start of every new year, millions make promises to themselves to get in shape, eat better or stop smoking. But the promise I'm making to myself will be far more fun and relaxing than those.
I want to take more time on my skin. I am a firm believer of a good face washing, however I slack when it comes to masks,serums and facials. That's something I really would like to do weekly --- instead of my usual "whenever I'm not too tired".

As part of my resolution to myself, I would like to keep a fresh clean look to my skin as much as possible. I want to stick to light glowing skin tints rather than heavy coverage foundations. My favorite --- which I know I mention all the time --- is the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. It take away the discoloration, but your skin still looks very natural.

I also would like to keep up my tan routine. Not necessarily baking my skin for hours in the sun, but fake tanning instead. For a while, it was a weekly part of my beauty routine and I honestly miss having glowing, healthy looking skin.
So to inspire me to follow through on my skin-promises here's some skin-speration.

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