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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This part of the year can be a bit difficult to dress for us in Miami. It's definitely not sweater weather, but you're not quite ready to embrace summer. It makes it even harder when you flip through spring fashion magazines and your favorite blogger's sites to see them still bundled up for the cold.
So what's there to wear at this time of year? 
Hopefully this post will help you out!
We took a few pieces from our "winter" (since we don't really get cool weather here in the tropics) outfits and few from our favorite summer go-to's to create some pretty cool spring looks.
No matter what season it is you can't go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans. Gabby added a cute fuzzy bag to add a unique touch with some classic black pumps.
Here are some similar pieces you should check out:

I wanted to make classic white trousers a bit cooler and less business like so I added a band T and a pair of my wildest boots. The patent leather is more of a winter piece but the white pants freshen it up a bit.

I love wearing dresses, so any chance I get to put one on I take advantage! On warm days it's nice to have a light, cool dress on. This dress is perfect for spring and summer. As the temperatures start to rise the next few months you can wear a crochet dress like this with a slip under. When it's full-blown summer it would look really "boho-chic" as a bathing suit cover-up or even with a briefs and a matching bra to give it a sexier look.
Here Gabby is smashing it in a chic, simple everyday look. Black jeans, white T and a pop of color. Not too hard, right?

Bows and ties are so feminine and really add a dainty touch to any outfit. Instead of going for the typical denim shorts, I opted for a pair of vintage capris.

Cotton dresses are an essential for rising temperatures. It's an easy way to look sophisticated and keep cool during the warmer months. The dark color makes it easier to wear all year round!

As you can see from our great mix-match of looks, that it's fun to mix wintery elements with pieces made for summer. It's a nice way to transition to the next season, rather than wearing full-on summer looks like crop tops and denim shorts in the beginning of March.

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