Harry Styles: Live On Tour

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Over the weekend, I got to watch Mr. Styles perform once again at his concert in Fort Lauderdale and it was magical! His stage presence is unlike any other and his voice IRL is even better than the recordings. "My job is to entertain you", and that's exactly what he did for  two hours of pure bliss.  
Harry currently has one album out and on top of singing that in it's entirety, he also played some new songs as well as some classic one direction tunes. In Fort Lauderdale he wore a custom dark brown Gucci suit while wearing a orange ribbon in support of Jamie and the Parkland shooting.
I've been following the rest of his tour ensembles and they are actual works of art!
This one-of-a-kind Gucci suit while performing in Bangkok
Color for days
Pink - Gucci
Purple - Calvin Klein
Blue - Calvin Klein
Keeping it classic
A little shimmer never hurt anybody
Wide-leg trousers to spice things up

This leopard print Alexander McQueen suit that he wore in London stole my heart

Another Alexander McQueen suit that he wore in Dallas with tour mate Kacey Musgraves
Puffy blouses forever
Lilac - Harris Reed
White - Gucci
Cream - Harris Reed

Sporting a pink Gucci suit of dreams in London

I can't wait to see what other suits this tour has in store for us!!
Thank you Harry for your talent and for your excellent taste in fashion x 

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