Summer Inspiration Via The Virgin Suicides

Thursday, June 28, 2018

 Every time summer time rolls around, I find my fashion inspiration shifting to my more feminine, young and free style. I blame the prairie dresses, floral prints and free flowing hair all on The Virgin Suicides.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this work of the book turned, cult movie, you should really check it out. It’s a unique story about the struggles the Lisbon sisters face after the youngest commits suicide. The plot is a bit depressing, but visually, it is a gorgeous movie directed by Sofia Coppola.

It has not only inspired my style, but so many others.  For instance, it is the inspiration behind the beautiful Marc Jacob’s Daisy Perfume ads, the ones where the girls are in white flowing dresses, just frolicking through a field of flowers.

 If you don’t want to put on a floral dress and wash off all your makeup after seeing that advertisement, there is nothing that will convert you.

Many of the Resort 2019 Collections, seem to have pieces in their collections that feel like something you’d where on a sunny day in a daisy field. 
Luisa Beccaria 

Brother Vellies
Ellie Saab
Ulla Johnson
Alexa Chung

There are a lot of flowing white long dresses and billowing floral dresses, that I can’t help wondering if they too are inspired by the Lisbon sisters.

All Images Via Vogue Runway & Pinterest

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