Luke Edward Hall

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Luke Edward Hall is a London-based artist and designer of interiors, fabrics, and ceramics. He has collaborated with some of the most iconic brands such as Burberry, Liberty, and Alex Eagle.

I just recently discovered his work thanks to the website, Semaine. I easily became obsessed and now I want all of the artwork that he's ever created!!

"His colorful aesthetic is informed by a love of history, an appreciation of beauty and a sense of playfulness."

In 2016, he worked with Burberry on set design and store displays.

Recently, Luke aligned with the NYC-based menswear label Rowing Blazers 
for a small capsule collection as part of it's SS18 range. 
(The pink ladies were in NYC during the launch party and completely missed out on the event, even though we walked right passed it....oops!)

I love how Luke dresses similarly to his art, by incorporating bright colors and luxe fabrics.

Some of his other commissioned work includes brands such as Papier, Emporio Sirenuses, Bicester Village and many more! I'm so inspired by his designs in both interior design and fashion.

I'm so glad I found out about Luke and his colorful world and I hope to one day own one of his works!

All images via Luke Edward Hall

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