Thursday, August 23, 2018

Reformation is one of the coolest brands around. They carry feminine dresses and classic basics that need to be in every girl's closet. 
After taking a peek in their store or scrolling through their website, you'll think 'this can't get any cooler', but they can! Reformation's clothes are all sustainable. 

"We make our pieces from super sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. As we grow, our goal is to push harder to create more sustainable fabric options."

And to say "sorry", to Mother Earth, for the water they use and their carbon dioxide emissions they plant trees and invest in clean air solutions.
So they may be a bit pricey, but at least their money is being spent right!

Right now, they are currently having a blowout sale that's currently torturing my wallet. 
Check out some of the pieces I've got my hands on ... and the one's I'd love to add to my wardrobe.

All Images my own or via Reformation's site.

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