Thursday, August 30, 2018

Meet Violette. She's a makeup artist, Youtube star, Estee Lauder's Global Beauty Director and my current obsession.

She's the epitome of the effortless, cool, French girl style. I've been binge watching her Youtube tutorials for the past week. She's different from most Youtube artists because she's doesn't apply loads of makeup and try to get that "Instagram Look". Instead, Violette makes statements with her makeup and really focuses on focal points. She'll either go for a bold eye or strong lip. She's just plain cool.

Her videos are visually beautiful as well. I love the way her videos are filmed, they give a relaxed feel to them. Another way Violette sets herself apart from other makeup artists, she films her videos in different hot spots around her home in Brooklyn or Paris. So not only do you get makeup tips, but also some restaurant recommendations!

If you haven't check out her videos, I highly recommend you check them out.

Images Via Pinterest

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