Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

If you're anything like me then you wait until the absolute last minute when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. I have so many ideas but I never act upon them until it's too late and just end up being something basic like a cat or a devil. Here's some iconic and easy outfit ideas for Halloween night!

Mia Wallace is a fictional character in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction. 
Her look is pretty iconic and people will definitely know who you were with a few simple pieces: a short black bob wig with bangs, a white dress shirt, deep red lip, black trousers, and some blood running from the nose if you have time for that. Image via @sophiaroe.

There's a huge 90's revival going on at the moment so a Carrie Bradshaw costume could include some pieces you already have in your wardrobe! A pink mini dress, a nameplate necklace, mini saddle bag, classy pumps, maybe some shopping bags, and a cig and martini glass in each hand. If you have a bf just have him put on a suit and he's your Mr. Big.


Another couples costume and one inspired by film would be the 1996 adaptation of Romeo + Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann. To channel Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in this movie the Juliet could wear a white dress and angel wings (if you can find them) with hair pinned half up. Romeo could wear a printed floral shirt, hold a fake gun, and it's that easy. 


Lastly thanks to the help of makeup you can create amazing looks and that's your costume sorted. Just throw on a black slip dress or something simple and related to the costume and you're ready to go!

Happy Halloween!

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