October Favorites

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Every month, it seems like I have a new favorite outfit and a different beauty/makeup routine. Throughout October, I've found some new go-to's and I've also drifted back to some older favorites. 
I've been inspired by some of my fashion and beauty icons so hopefully some of this month's favorite pieces will inspire you too! 

So I got this palette about a year ago after seeing it in a makeup tutorial by Shani Grimmond. My love for it returned after seeing Violette use it for a nice everyday look.

I don't think these will ever leave my favorite lists. The Glossier Lidstars are so easy to work with and so pretty on the eyes. They are great for a simple everyday look, as well as, a going out look when layered.

And a couple cool new things...
I love using this Ouai Rose Oil for the tips of my hair, as well as, all over my body.

 Cozy sweaters, jeans and loafers have been my go-to outfit.
Something for the mind. This is collection of poetry Jim Morrison wrote through out his career. It's absolutely strange and incredible.

Lastly, some makeup inspiration from my favorite supermodel.

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