Holiday Packing

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Most people pack their bags and take a little break from work, and life, for the holidays.
If you're going on a bit of vacay, I have a few things that you need to add to your packing list. 
If you're heading up north and expecting a White Christmas, you're definitely going to need to keep your skin hydrated. Heavy facial and body lotions are a necessity! This is my first winter living away from Miami, and in the actual cold, so I'm quickly learning how to keep my skin from drying out in the winter air.
Now, if you're heading to a more tropical destination... you're going to probably want a lighter moisturizer. In the extreme heat and humidity, it's nice to go with lighter skincare and makeup. You should also pack your favorite spritz to help cool off while soaking up the sun at the beach!

For me, packing makeup is the most difficult part, but I think it's best to keep everything simple and just pack a popping lip color.
If you're hitting the slopes for your holiday, I think a red is a nice color for all your Instagram pictures in the snow.

Lighter lip formulations are great for the Tropics. It's so hot that you don't want to add anymore discomfort to yourself with a heavy, sticky lipstick or gloss. I recommend lip balms for the beach.
It's also fun to wear a juicy, bright color!

Highlighter and plenty of sparkle is key to any holiday look. I like silvers and cool tone shimmers for any icy look and warmer tones and golds for a year-round golden goddess look.
Now, a few things that are must-haves for any trip...
plenty of lip balm!

and your favorite skincare! Airplanes, and traveling in general, are hard on your skin so I have a travel size of the very best skincare to take a long with me.

Enjoy your holiday! 

Images my own or via Tumblr.

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