Hello 2019

Thursday, January 3, 2019

When reading about some of the fashion predictions for the new year, I came across a couple of trends that I'm hoping really make a bang in 2019. I've seen different trends that are expected based on the catwalks and what is currently being sold, but here are my three favorites that are expected to do well this year.

1. Feathers
They're pretty, dainty and feminine. They remind me of a ballerina in Swan Lake. My wish for this trend is that it sticks around and stays faux.

2. Designer Logos
They're fun, they're cool. I mean you spend enough money on designer things that you might as well show it off.

3. Sexy Mini-Dresses
I love the fact that skimpy dresses are on it's way back to cool. With a pair of strappy sandals, mini-dresses can make your legs look miles long. 


Let us know what you'll be wearing in 2019.

Images via Vogue, Pinterest, Instagram

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