Summer Getaway

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Summer Getaway

As the days get longer and the temperatures warm up, many of us are beginning to plan our summer escape. I wish I could say that I've seen more of the world, but I like to think that I've traveled more than most my age. Over the years, my adventures have lead me to some really cool places and unforgettable memories. So here's a little guide to some hot destinations and some of my favorite things about them. 


Being born and raised in Miami is a blessing. I've grown up in one of the most beautiful cities with some of the greatest beaches. If you're looking for a tropical getaway, look no further.

Obviously you got to hit the beach. If you're looking for a beach party head to South Beach and put your towel down anywhere between 10th and 5th street. For a more quiet beach day, 20th street and anywhere north is a bit more serene. 

As for a place to stay, I recommend staying on Miami Beach. Some of the most beautiful hotels line the beach. Take your pick from some five star hotels like The W South Beach, The Soho Beach House, The Raleigh or The Fountain Bleu.

The W is one of my favorite places, given that it's home to one of my favorite nightclubs. If you like to go clubbing Wall should be on your places to check out. The hotel also recently added an poolside bar just outside of the club's entrance called Irma (named after the hurricane that tore through back in 2017). It's a great place to get a few drinks in before heading into the club. 

Brickell is another great place to visit while in Miami. It's a miniature New York City situated right on the water. It's home to new and amazing Brickell City Centre. One of the best, new shopping and dining destinations.

Also in Brickell, is another W hotel, W Miami, and it's a great place to check out for a night out. There's a bar in the hotel that will give you a taste of Miami with its Latin music and delicious margaritas. 

La Bodega Tequila y Taqueria is dear to my heart for both its food and its party. A little hole in the wall taco café with a secret door to a fun lounge. 

If shopping is your cardio, head to Lincoln Road. There's nearly everything on one strip of road. To name a few: Zara, Lush, Madewell, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

Wynwood is a unique part of Miami that draws celebrities in from all over. It's an art district with each building painted vibrantly. You can visit the famous Wynwood Walls or check out a couple galleries. There's also some great coffee shops for the day, and unique bars at night. 


I could say I've been to many more places if it wasn't for New York. Each summer for the last 7 or 8 years, I head to the Big Apple. I could choose any other destination, but my heart truly belongs to New York. Because of all my stops in the city, I've come to discover some pretty amazing  places. 

If you've never been to New York, you kind of have to do all the tourist destinations just once. The Empire State building (which is terrifyingly high), the Statue of Liberty and Time Square are all places to check off your bucket list. Once you've done that, get ready to check out some of the coolest places the city has to offer.

Soho is the place to go for the best shopping. There is literally every store there. But you have to check out a few places that are more off the radar. If you're a book worm head to McNally Jackson's. They not only have a great magazine stand, but also two floors of books and a little café. On the Pink Ladies last visit, the shopkeeper told us it's frequented by Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. One of our usual Soho stops is Dean & Deluca. It's part grocery store, part grab and go food, but it's so, so good.

If you want a designer bag on a budget, I guess Chinatown is the place for you. We make a routine stop off Canal Street for a different reason, to visit Glossier. The beauty brand makes it such an experience to visit and shop in it's pretty, pink store.

This is a bit touristy, but try to see a show at Radio City. A couple of years ago, we scored tickets to see Harry Styles there. It was such a beautiful, historic venue and a must-see. 


Central Park is one of my favorite places to visit. It's so beautiful and so impressive. On my visits to the world famous park, we always make it a picnic and then roam around the flowering path. 

Anywhere I go, I must visit at least one museum. New York has so many to choose from... The Natural History Museum, MoMa, The Guggenheim, the Brooklyn Museum, but my favorite is the Met. I always go to see the new fashion exhibit and each year it's breath-taking. But after losing myself it the artistic fashion, I love to see the more historical parts of the museum. It is so gorgeous and the architecture itself is worth seeing. The Met also has a rooftop that you can visit and grab some drinks. 


One of the most amazing Mexican restaurants on this earth is in Chelsea. Bodega Negra is inside the Dream Hotel. If you want to get some delicious food, and drinks, you must try it. After, you can head up the elevator to the rooftop club, PH-D. It's a fun atmosphere. Part of the club is inside or you can check out the amazing view on the outside lounge. 

I've stayed in some pretty cool hotels while in New York and here are two of my favorites. 
The Ace Hotel is a very hip hotel and was a fun place to visit. There's an old fashioned photo booth and an unnecessary, yet very necessary, guitar in each room.

My last visit to the city, I stayed at the Public Hotel. A chic (and named one of the most Instagramable hotels) and sleek hotel with so much to offer. Not only was the room so amazing you didn't want to leave it, but it also had a rooftop bar (with an amazing view of the city), a club and a great café. 10/10 would recommend (not an actual stat, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was).


Going across the pond was a dream come true. The historic city of London was all that I hoped and more. There's so much to see, and I feel I didn't get to see it all, but here's a few places that I highly recommend you see.

Tourist stops that must be done: The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, Stonehenge and Bath. Each place was so beautiful and full of so much history. 
Kensington palace had a special display of Princess Diana's fashion when I stopped by. It was such a fabulous look at some of her most famous dresses. Something to always see there, the lush and colorful gardens.


Stonehenge was such a strange visit because the whole ride back to the city, you sit there and wonder how it could've ever been made. So much mystery behind the eerie display. 
Bath was a special surprise, I knew I was heading to the hundreds of years old Roman Baths, but what I didn't know is that the city is able to say it was once a home to my favorite author, Jane Austen. You can tour her house, which is now a mini museum. 
 So many museums to visit while in London and each one will leave you in awe. I stopped by the National Portrait Gallery, The Tate Modern and the Albert and Victoria … to name a few. The museums holds so many beautiful pieces of history.
There are so many bars and pubs that I went to that I only have dizzying recollections of many of them, but London also has a Bodega Negra (this one though, has a "La" in front). It is housed in a building that looks like an adult store, with naughty neon lights. Inside is just as amazing. After you scarf down the amazing food you can stick around and dance by the bar.

One of my most iconic stops was to Sketch. You know, the tea room with the pink velvet chairs that's all over Instagram. The restaurant has different rooms to choose from, but the "pink" one is for tea. So you have a couple of different tea packages to choose from and then the fun begins. You are literally waited on hand and foot while the violins morph top 40s to classical ballads. Each part of the meal is brought to you and explained by a different connoisseur. Each part of it was so amazing that by the end I could barely push another bite of cake into my mouth. It's expensive, but was worth every penny.


The city of angels is one of those places you must visit at least once in your life. I enjoyed every second of my stay in LA. There's so much to see and the city is very spread out so it takes some time to get to everything.

My first morning there, I stopped by the hip and cool Alfred's Coffee. I loved it so much that I visited the coffee shop to start off everyday there. There is also a tea room that I highly recommend.
There was so much good food in the city and I got taste a bit of everything. From the famous fast food stop, In-n-Out to the famous (and supposedly haunted) Chateau Mormont. Another good eat, Pink Taco on Sunset Boulevard and Mel's Diner.

 There were also so many great cafes that I visited by just wondering around and ending up there.
One of my favorite parts of my trip to Los Angeles was hiking at Griffith Park. You can get a good glimpse of the "Hollywood" sign and at the top of the hike you can check out the observatory. Also, there was an amazing little food counter at the bottom. It had so many great baked goods (a treat after burning all those calories on your hike).
So much shopping was done on my stay. The Grove was so much fun with more of the usual shops like Topshop and Brandy Melville. There's also the greatest candy store there, See's Candy. Santa Monica also had a great outdoor shopping strip. Many may not do too much shopping here, but when in LA you have to stop by Rodeo Drive. If you're a music lover, you must go to Amoeba Music. It is heaven.

As for art, head to the Getty. Not only is it massive and impressive, but the ride up to it is scenic.

There's so much to see out there and these are just a few of the many amazing places in each city. Before you plan your trip, it's great to ask friends for recommendations and check out what your favorite bloggers and social media starts suggest, but I'm sure where ever your adventure leads you'll stumble upon some hidden gems.

All our own photos.