Spring 2019 Trends

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Below I've outlined some of the hottest trends for the spring season. These trends have been seen on both runways and in street style images.


Menswear has been a big trend and it's here to stay. Opt for a full suit or dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt look with a blazer on top. A nice blazer is always fashionable, but switch out your dark colored blazers from fall/winter for a white or cream colored one for spring!


Make room for some sneakers in your wardrobe and experience a comfy new look. Stay true to your original style but add on some sporty shoes for an updated feel.


Jacqumeus is know for his ultra feminine silhouettes and sexy tailoring. 
Channel that this spring with some inspiration from his spring/summer collection.


Every store under the sun is selling these jewelry items with pearls and shells attached.
Zara or Mango is a great starting point because I wouldn't splurge on a trend unless you fall madly in love with a specific piece.

All images via Tumblr and Instagram.

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